The footsteps 

on this ancient road 

were new…

to the Regal rates, 

to the Leopold hues, 

to the Jehangir muse 

to this bazaar air

and of course, 

to each other. 

In each other

they mingled, with..

the city’s refuge, 

the Taj subterfuge, 

the old Bombayhood, 

the Kala Ghoda Cafe

and of course, 

with the waiting mood. 

The wait was not over

no, not yet. 

To be continued was…

the stranger’s comfort, 

the unclaiming sort, 

the intersection of two cities

its travellers, its addicts

and of course, 

the belonging that resists. 

Belonging was too bold 

for the just arrived. 

The souls sufficed with…

the empty RBI street, 

the Horniman retreat, 

the Royal steps

and of course, 

their stories in between. 

The story reached 

and spilled to a climax. 

Leaving a plot of…



the transit 

and of course, 

the memory of deposit.