So in the age of self-appointed life coaches and spiritual cult heads…we are gullible to a lot of gyaan about living life. I being no different, but with the added ego of a bloghead, filter and concoct my own diktat in addition.

Confessing allegiance to Kabir and Osho, there is a duality that can haunt one to the recesses of dilemma and confusion- the propogated duality of both living and witnessing life…simultaneously. I understand indulging, cherishing, relishing every passing moment- the dinner with friends, that hot water bath, the whispered phone call, the affable tiff with the sibling, the whip of evening air before you shut the window….
I understand pushing that envelop of sensory experience and being removed, seeing that the angry fist is the face of future regret, that the inebriated high is the hollow futility of the next morning…

What I do not understand…or had not hitehrto understood is the possibility of walking both the ropes at once.

And then it occurred, emerged, arrived…it is possible to splice the mind when the seconds are slower, it is possible to view that ongoing date like a viewer of a film external to you when each moment is more measured, it is possible to live that lonely Sunday evening moment while sipping coffee and know that the passing people too are part of that passing fragment of life.

The key is the sense of time…to know that that sense can be slowed down, can be spooned out, can be separated more closely and more carefully. Speed of light may be evasive but as the theory of relativity would have us believe…speed of time is inclusive…of our own emotions…of the quintessential human experience.

Serenade to this power…alter, achieve, arrive at this sense of time!