Country: USA    Cases: 311, 644       Deaths: 8, 478 

Silent Sunday. Cursed Curfew. 

An innocuous idea, at first, 

Leaping, it soared and slew. 

Lynching leisure into pandemic permanence. 

Country: Spain    Cases: 126, 268   Deaths: 11, 947

Wheels on parallels steel, 

Like karmic cycles that churn and repeat, 

As if dharma had switched garb, gait and gut. 

The Mumbai local halted, held still. 

Country: Italy      Cases: 124, 632   Deaths: 15, 362

21 days of exile. At home. With those at home, not yet, at home. 

Swallowed meals served post the division of desires, 

Spliced screen time, screening the ire for the other. 

This is us. This is safe. This fucks and favours. This is so. 

Country: India     Cases: 3, 588     Deaths: 99  

The Great Battle. Mahabharata. 100 selves with the true Self. 

 Self-image staring at the broken mirror of roles, 

Can’t play them true, can’t play them all. A ME beckons 

From the familiar future of the past, the unpromised tryst with Self. 

Statistics Source: Johns Hopkins University, national public health agencies