(Inspired the by the Mind of Mooji)

“Live in the present. Feel the eternity in the moment. Leave the past behind. Forget the future.” 

I invite you to shed the drape of these definitions. I invite you to step inside of a mindful metaphor instead. 

*                                                                                  * *

Enter the theater of life afresh. Separate your self from self. Let the first self don the actor’s garb and grace the stage where life’s inanities appear. Let the second self take the sole seat in the audience, which actively observes. 

Act I- The First Act: 

The actor is uncertain of his or her actions and even more uncertain of the reactions of others. There is a keenness in maintaining the mask and being mindful of the eyes that watch and judge. 

The audience self is undecided about his or her actions and certain that the reactions of others will change…constantly. There is an earnestness to unmask it all since the mind needs space to breathe, unmindful of the eyes that watch and judge. 

Act II- The Second Act: 

The actor self will be in the midst of action, confronting the conflict of the mind and the body for, it is bound to the pre-written script, which has been rehearsed and internalized plenty. 

The spectator self will recognize the action as yet another version of virtual reality; the mind not registering the conflict that arises from the body and its bonds. For, it has long since unbounded the conditioned mind and embraced the spontaneous self. 

Act III- The Final Act: 

The actor self minds the outcome, grudges the resolution or hopes for the narrative to change…some day. 

The observer self has let go of even the mind, trusting that this end is exactly as the beginning intended it to be.