Have you seen the shape of it? 

On a map it looks neat, strongly drawn. 

In Lonely Planet, corrugated with colors. 

Aboard a bus, a signpost lost in the flutter of night’s curtain. 

While on foot, sometimes a rope, others, a river. 

With an airplane, lucid landscapes mere. 

Have you seen the shape of it? 


Do you remember the shape of it? 

The 5 am WhatsApp call to the 6 pm friend. 

The Naughty Birthday postcard with the foreign stamp. 

The fridge magnet, that nugget of time

Stolen from another space. 

That Air BnB booking into a home away from home

Before even leaving home. 

How do you remember the shape of it? 


What can be the shape of it? 

Concentric circles come to mind. 

In contrast, the Venn circles seem more connected. 

A dot traced to a circle of an expanding circumference. 

Parallel lines, vertical and horizontal. 

Boxes with opening doors, like windows. 

Have you ever drawn the shape of it?