TOK 2022- Constructing a Theme Lesson 

Theme: Knowledge and Technology 
Concept/s: Technology-Centric: Cloud Computing, AI and Analytics, Cloudification of Network and Edge, HDD, Tape, NAND SSD, DRAM, Persistent Memory 
TOK-Centric: Memory and Cognition, Transference of Knowledge, Production of Knowledge
Knowledge Question/s:How has technology had an impact on collective memory and how knowledge is preserved? 

Link to Knowledge Framework: Scope 
Teaching Flow: In groups, create a table outlining the following: 
Characteristics of Neurobiological/Neurochemical Memory Characteristics of Digital Memory Similarities between the two Differences between the two 
e.g.) Neurobiological memory is 
Place the following technologies on the pyramid of digital storage memory: 
Based on this pyramid, explore the significance of the invention of persistent memory. 
Is exponential increase in data storage technology only contributing towards preservation of knowledge? Does it have the potential to create new knowledge as well? 
Can the human mind perform the same or similar functions as persistent memory? 
Resources: (Optional) Intel-Hosted Conference on Memory and Storage Persistent Memory Explained Persistent Memory Programming Memory- An Extended Definition