Folklore of the Future

Dear Daughter,  I say this to you today. Since this is all I have. The heirloom of words. The history of rituals.  Tara stands still in the yard. Worship her daily. Imbibe her readily.  Ritual

Taking It Online

Dear User,  We regret to inform you that the Tinder team has decided to terminate your membership with us. Starting midnight April 12, 2020, your Tinder profile will be taken offline and all your account


(Inspired the by the Mind of Mooji) “Live in the present. Feel the eternity in the moment. Leave the past behind. Forget the future.”  I invite you to shed the drape of these definitions. I

Oppressors of Silence

So we have all heard praises for the outspoken. We have all applauded the fine orator. We have all put our hands together for that thunderous speech. We have all pledged solidarity against the oppression

A Sense of the Time

So in the age of self-appointed life coaches and spiritual cult heads…we are gullible to a lot of gyaan about living life. I being no different, but with the added ego of a bloghead, filter