Untouchable by Mahesh Dattani

Roshan Mathew plays Sagar. Jim Sarbh appears as Rakesh. Puja Sarup is the storyteller.  Sahitya Akademi Award recipient Mahesh Dattani is the weaver who weaves a real moment through the virtual mirage of screens, myths
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One Man, Two Guvnors with James Cordon

An 18th century Commedia dell’arte play is adapted for the English stage. The year is 2011, the on-stage setting is 1963 Brighton. The stage, of course, has shifted from the West End to Broadway and

Motley’s Ismat Apa Ke Naam

The bed with shifting shades of rajai made centrestage- almost as a common denominator binding the three short stories in one space and time. The selected titles- “Chui Mui” (Touch-Me-Not), “Mughal Bachcha” (Mughal Child) and

The Bose Legacy- Inked By Letters

Through the oral narratives, rumours and gossip of the Bose family as encoded in Subhas Chandra Bose’s grand niece Madhuri Bose in her book The Bose Brothers and Indian Independence, came alive PlayPen’s latest production-

RAGE and AADYAM Present Mosambi Narangi

A typical Bollywood number “Ishaq Benaraswala” sets the mood for this play that attempts to pay tribute to both the lust and lure of Bollywood as well as its unsavoury aftertaste. The premise of the

Letters of Love- by Himali and Nikhil

Unlike an art exhibition where the artist obliterates the curator, Readings in the Shed foregrounds the act of curating as an art. Thus: Letters of Love by Himali and Nikhil. A performative reading of letters


British playwright Mike Bartlett’s modern play Cock found its dramatic adaptation on the stage of Mumbai, courtesy actor-turned-director Jim Sarbh with his small motley of cast- boyfriend Siddharth Kumar, girlfriend Aditi Vasudev, father Suhas Ahuja

Walking Path- The Sri Lankan Tale

One the young and exuberant stage of Thespo, Sri Lanka’s Walking Path left an indelible theatrical trail to its Indian audience at Prithvi on Friday, December 19. This production whose central premise was the campaign

Stories in a Song- Stringed with a Soul

Arpana Theatre’s Stories in a Song comes with its own definition- a collage of music, theatre and literature. And then it pushes its own periphery of performance- to encompass history, culture, human nature. Musically conceived

Color Blind- An Aesthetic Vision

Color Blind is an estranged title for a play that revolves around the search for Rabindranath Tagore, the man amidst the menagerie of his aesthetic artifacts. However, nothing is a cloaked mystery to the discerning