I Wander….For the Frim-Fram Sauce

Each leaf is culinary cut  Teased out…drops of cherries,  Naughty dose of nuts and fruits.  They prize and partake of the salad- I wander… In another time…for the Frim-Fram Sauce.  * Each bite is sumptuous 


Have you seen the shape of it?  On a map it looks neat, strongly drawn.  In Lonely Planet, corrugated with colors.  Aboard a bus, a signpost lost in the flutter of night’s curtain.  While on

The Other Side

Down the rabbit hole,  Up the Joker stairway.  On the Kerouac road,  More than Alex’s Orange oddness.  It always Lurks, leeps, pries and peeps… The Other Side.  * Down the lure of lust,  Up the

In a Land Far From Home (Bhopal)

I. अपने ही देश में, अपनों से ही भरा,  अनजाना सा शहर वोः, भोपाल। अपनेपन की साफ़ सफ़ेद चदरिया पहने,  अनजान होने का स्पर्श छोड़ जानेवाला वह, भोपाल। II. मैंने सोचा बस एक भाषा का

In a Land Far From Home (Germany)

I. The canine creatures caged and stared,  The benign me, wordlessly, whimpered.  From Zurich- I was in their land Where the road rode righteous for them,  My cynophobia, a moral travesty, instead.  II. The white

Halfway There

Country: USA    Cases: 311, 644       Deaths: 8, 478  Silent Sunday. Cursed Curfew.  An innocuous idea, at first,  Leaping, it soared and slew.  Lynching leisure into pandemic permanence.  Country: Spain    Cases:

The Man in White Boots

Black and white, white and black,  Chequered pieces, dual traces,  He, mends dualities, traverses instead  In the inbetweens.  Between the rum that is ravished,  Raw, raucous, summer ripe.  And the beer that is quenched,  Brawny