It takes courage. To disown it, to disobey, almost divorce from it. It will be difficult to decouple from. Surely. It has fed your eyes with a collage of Holi colours and that attractive cheekbones or forearms. Definitely. It has showed you the voice of Ella Fitzgerald and the reassuring “I will be there for you” or the more ingratiating “You complete me.” Truly. It has echoed for you the sensation of the chosen rainfall or the stolen hug when your soul had nowhere to pour out. Arguably. It has touched the buttery taste of spiced curry as much as help you devour the slightly warmed liquid chocolate within the layered pastry. Undoubtedly. It has tasted the rising aroma of fresh bread or surreptitiously slipped in the seductive fragrance of his aftershave. 

It has been your partner. It has not been an ally. 

It has kept you without. Without you.

Is it time to divorce the body and go within?